2 March 2015

How to make a how-to video for under $50

During a Quidco product design sprint we identified a need to create a how to video for the new homepage we were creating, we had next to no budget and three days.

Once we ran the sprint and proved our new homepage prototype was a good idea, the front-end developer began coding the page and I set to work on the video. We wrote a script and I storyboarded the screens. Using Apple Motion and existing assets, I created the one minute animation. A soundtrack was purchased for $5 and we bought two voice over tracks on Fivver for $20 each.

After 3 days designing, animating, sound editing and learning how to make compressed video files, we had our how-to video.

Quidco How-to video

In the end the new homepage successfully won the a/b test and became the default splash page as we moved onto a new sprint. The how Quidco works video is still used on Quidco to this day.

Following the T-shaped designer rule, sometimes you need to know how to do many design things to be able to create the first iteration of a project. I may not be as skilled a motion animator as those who inspire me, but in a short amount of time and for under $50, I was able to create a video professional enough for our brand.