Core languages & frameworks

  • NextJS/NodeJS
  • Swift
  • Swift UI
  • Objective-C

Before graphic design, I was majored in Computer Science. I may have dabbled in QuarkXPress in high-school and designed year book pages in PageMaker, but my focus in secondary school was computer science (what is now called computer programming). I may have taken the Computer Applications class because it was the only Mac lab in high-school. For computer science we used those non-Macs and wrote Basic or Pascal programs. While I was an A+ compsci student, I was barely getting a C- in maths. I've become a designer who can code, but maybe I was a coder before design.

Over the years I've had the chance to work as a developer through contract work on the side or as part of a design job. I developed a website for a musician including creating a simple e-commerce feature. I designed and developed the "corporate" site for Tipping Canoe, and I have built several prototype mobile apps while at Tipping Canoe and later at Canadian Tire.

Much of my side-project work is focused on development and allowed me to expand my experience with new languages and technologies.

  • Premier Paints Prototype iOS app
  • Refash iOS app
  • Forth Projects Cafe website design/development
  • Tipping Canoe Corporate website redesign
  • Wareable Website improvements
  • Personal project IKEA store openings website
  • Dew Coffee finder app/website

This site was written in PHP, and uses a combination of Markdown for writing posts and page content edited in a simple CMS editor. A basic router directs content pages outside the writing section. Most past side-projects also leverage PHP & MySQL as well as JS/JQuery and CSS. Dew is relaunching soon built on NextJS.