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Looking beyond software based design tools

23 March 2016

Second thoughts on Adobe Experience Design and other new tools, and how we should really be talking about process (Follow up to First impressions with Adobe Experience Design) After trying Adobe Experience Design (Xd) for a brief hour, I went back to my regular tasks. In the back of my mind I was trying to […]

IKEA store openings notes

17 May 2014

Background on why I created the IKEA store openings map visualisation

On the road to Tactile touch experiences

12 April 2014

Apple’s CarPlay product was made public just as there has been a surge in automotive touchscreen concepts, from Volvo’s entry to an interesting concept from designer Matthaeus Krenn. Both examples are beautiful and yet each has limitations caused by the rush to non-tactile interfaces—non-visual feedback.

Dew: my first overdue iPhone app

2 March 2014

Reflections on learning to code and creating my coffee finding app