Urban Leadership Awards

Canadian Urban Institute · June 2005

The Urban Leadership Awards project began as a corporate design course assignment and became a team excerise for the Canadian Urban Institute. We were tasked with the opportunity to design a programme for several community organisations, and I chose to brand the Urban Leadership Awards. The top students were then invited to work as a team to design, pitch and deliver a final programme for the annual event. The team settled on several deliverables including event branding & site signage, on-table themed centrepieces, two large vinyl banners to flank the ballroom entrance, and the main exhibit—three large photo cubes rotated and displayed on their axis.

Each four-foot cube displayed four photo panels (three underside and one topside) featuring urban textures, plus two information panels detailing the award winners. In addition to the graphic design throughout the event, our team worked with a master-carpenter to build the exhibit installation. Each graphic/photo panel was manually adhered to the backside of a sheet of plexiglass using repositional adhesive (the same glue used on post-it notes). In addition to easily replaceable graphics, the cubes could be opened for easy access. The following year I was contracted to replace the graphics and deliver the cubes and banners to the event (wisely we opted to have the printer adhere the graphics in their shop).