Requires Assembly

Newspaper Design and Production

Requires Assembly: Newspaper Design and Production (not currently available) was written in 2006 and published later that year. This 112-page book covers design elements key to the design of newspapers. Structured into three sections, the book covers design basics, newspaper design, and production advice. Originally written and designed as my final design thesis, the book is geared toward student and small newspapers, though it has been spotted at major daily newspapers throughout North America and used in the curriculum of several journalism courses in Canada.

Requires Assembly was the final outcome of my design thesis at George Brown College. With high turnovers every year, student newspapers often struggled with the production of their first issue of the year. Not all papers have a designer on staff, so it was necessary to provide a reference tool. My solution was to create a resource for student newspaper editors, one that could help them understand the basics of design, newspaper layout and production. Requires Assembly was written and structured as a resource guide to dip into on specific topics.